Bay windows and red sofa

This is one of my first few paintings done after starting off in 2008. The concept was from a book, where it is done in a few broad strokes, but I changed the colours, put in a view beyond the windows and resorted to a soft look as I just cannot slip-slop into a  loose-brush style.

Flowers in acrylic impasto

This was done a long time ago in acrylics, using impasto gel for the flower petals. I'd just wanted to try it out since they dry fast unlike oils. But I ended up not liking the slight odour it had and the fact that it dries up on the palette too fast.

Framed another one

Brought home my landscape on (22*30) stretched canvas from the framers. They've done  a  very neat job of  it,  but I now feel the  frame selection could have been better.  It's really so difficult to decide which one to choose from the range available. Sometimes the choice is bang on, enhancing the picture, and other times you're left wondering …